About Americans Supporting Veterans PAC

Americans Supporting Veterans PAC is a political action committee dedicated to supporting candidates and non-profit veteran-focused organizations that have a proven record of supporting our veterans.

It’s Our Turn

Men and women across our country volunteered to serve our country and now it’s our turn to return the favor.

Distribute Donations

We seek and work to financially support qualified groups & politicians that are actively supporting veterans across the country.

Your Voice is Heard

Our PAC’s voice is an extension of our donors.  We listen to all of your ideas & look for veterans programs in your area.

Political Candidates

We are looking to support political candidates both nationally and locally that have proven support of veteran programs.

Veteran Non-Profits

We look to support non-profits that have active programs that focus on employment, health and job training.

Support Veterans with Action

We also support started up veterans groups that host hiking trips, therapy, and job training.

Proven Political Supporters of Veterans

Below are just some of the politicians and causes that we are looking to support as they prove themselves on a regular basis.