Homeless Veterans
Uninsured Veterans
Unemployed Veterans

Proven Political Supporters of Veterans

Below are just some of the politicians, non-profits and causes that we support because of their proven support and work with veterans.

Donations Help in Countless Ways

Yes, your donations go to various politicians, non-profit groups, but your donation’s reach will go beyond where you expect.  Our team looks for great opportunities throughout all the numerous communities around the country.  Your support will make a difference.

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We don’t want to bother you, but we would like to let you know about some of the upcoming veterans groups and politicians that are making a difference.  Perhaps time to time we may reach out to you for donating for special causes or events.

Air Force Capt. Christy Wise, Team U.S. captain, carries the American flag as her team enters the opening ceremony for the 2017 Invictus Games at the Air Canada Centre in Toronto, Sept. 23, 2017

Why our PAC?
Most Americans want to support our veterans, but the reality is that it is tough to always do the things we want to do on our own.  Americans Supporting Veterans PAC is there to donate and support Veterans the way you want to.
Future PAC Goals
We hope to provide funding to assist with shelter, job training, and healthcare to 1,000 veterans every year.  To reach our goals, we are going to partner with Non-Profits, Politicians, and other veteran-focused groups.
Change the Laws
We want to work with politicians that are working at both the state and federal level to give disabled veterans real and valuable opportunities to compete and win contracts that increase jobs and strengthen the local economies.
Doing Good Everywhere
We hope to help start-up a number of groups focused on supporting veterans that suffer from PTSD, displacement and other medical needs such as transportation to and from medical appointments.  This will be done by networking and promoting the PAC and our goals to support veterans, eventually raising awareness and attracting other groups that need assistance.
Have a Voice
We want to help expand the reach of our underserved veterans and voters like yourself.  Your reach can expand with every donation you make.  Together we can make a difference by ensuring that our local and federal politicians support our cause and are held accountable.